The DSU is a protoll converter for translating PTZ control signals of the SIMATRIX SYS and similar aged video matrix systems for controlling dome cameras. Newer systems as the VM1000, NEO II, and 648 II, have this function already integrated.

The DSU is available in 3 variants:

  1. DSU BOX: DSU in aluminium housing
  2. DSU SYS: DSU plug-in module for SIMATRIX SYS
  3. DSU VKS: DSU plug-in module for SIMATRIX 648 (this function is already integrated in the SIMATRIX 648 II)

Following dome protocols are available (please specify with order):

  • Panasonic protocol (firmware „NCS“)
  • Speeddome/Sensormatic/CCDA14x5 protocol (firmware “NRA”)
  • Pelco-D protocol (firmware „NPE“)
  • JVC-Protokoll (Firmware „NJV“)
  • Further protocols available on request


Device Features

There can be connected 1 or 8 PTZ drive control units and 32 dome cameras (depending on variant) to the DSU. Up to 16 domes or drive control units can be controlled concurrently.

If the controlling shall be performed in a star-shaped arrangement, an RS485/RS422 multiplexer is required, e.g. RS485MX16, providing 16 RS485 outputs or respectively 16 RS422 fullduplex ports.


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