The RS485 multiplexer „RS485-MX16“ distributes a serial input signal to 16 RS485/simplex outputs, or RS422/duplex outputs respectively. An example application would be the connection of dome cameras, being connected to the controlling device in a star-shaped manner (e.g. SIMATIX NEO II, SIMATRIX 648 II , VM1000, SDC Videoserver, DSU)

The input of the multiplexer can alternatively be controlled with RS232, RS485/RS422 or TTY/CL (20 mA). The multiplexer is designed for single-master/full-duplex operation (RS422, 4-wire). Each one of the connected RS422 devices can send back to the controlling interface. Multimaster and half-duplex operation are not supported. As with RS485, only simplex operation is supported.

The multiplexer is available in 3 variants:

  1. RS485MX16-HS: tool-free connection technology, for DIN mounting rail (TS35)
  2. RS485MX16-MG: tool-free connection technology, in mounting box (IP 66/67)
  3. RS485MX16-SYS: draw-out unit (IEC 60603-2, for integration into SIMATRIX SYS)

RS485MX16-HS RS485MX16-MGRS485MX16-SYS

Device Features

  • Connection type: tool-free connectors („Wago clamp”) or draw-out unit, depending on variant
  • Transfer rate: 38400 Baud (TTY/CL max. 9600 Baud)
  • RS422 bus termination: 120 O (cannot be switched off)
  • Range: up to 600 O loop resistance
  • Ground offset: max. ± 5 V (statically admissible value)
  • Supply: ungrounded; DC or AC (switchable)
  • DC 12 V / 0.4 A nominal
  • DC 24 V / 0.2 A nominal
  • AC 24 V / 0.2 A nominal
  • Dimensions:
  • RS485MX16-HS: 100 (D) x 50 (H) x 160 (W) mm
  • RS485MX16-MG: 130 (D) x 60 (H) x 180 (W) mm
  • RS485MX16-SYS: 100 (D) x 35 (H) x 160 (W)mm


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