Universal TTY 8


UNIVERSAL TTY 8 is a versatile CL 20 mA/TTY distributor for controlling devices with 20 mA current loop interface.

Example: camera head controls (PTZ cameras or domes) at a video matrix (e.g. SIMATRIX). UNIVERSAL TTY 8 can be controlled via TTY or RS232 input and has 8 TTY outputs.

The device requires an external power supply of 12 V / 0.4 A (AC or DC) for operation.

Universal TTY 8

Device Features

  • Connection type: tool-free connectors („Wago clamp“)
  • Transfer rate: 300 Baud to 9600 Baud
  • Supply voltage and current:12 V / 0.4 A (AC or DC)
  • Construction type: circuit board for top hat rail mounting
  • Dimensions: 114 (W) x 33(H) x 60 (D) mm


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