LANX4 is a 1U module rack complying with IEC 60297 for installation of up to 4 LANX modules. Each module transfers data between a LAN and a serial interface (RS232, RS485 or TTY/CL, switchable) with a transfer rate of 2400 to 38400 Baud.

In the basic configuration, LANX4 provides one serial interface, and can be extended with up to 3 interfaces.

The LANX4 can be supplied with power over the LAN (PoE – „Power-over-Ethernet” according to IEEE 802.3af). Alternatively, an AC adaptor can be connected (included in delivery), or another voltage source, that is galvanically isolated from earth.


Device Features

  • Anschlüsse: 9polige Sub-D-Buchse, RJ45, DC-Buchse
  • Serial interface, switchable:
  • RS485 (half-duplex / full-duplex)
  • RS232
  • TTY/CL (max. 9600 baud)
  • Supply: PoE or 9-12 V DC, 800 mA
  • Construction type: 1U module rack complying with IEC 60297
  • Dimensions: 449 (W) x 44 (H) x 206 (D) mm


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