Redundancy Switch RSW100


In a system with two servers running in redundant mode, the RSW100 can switch peripheral devices from the failing server to the standby server.

The internal controller is capable of switching multiple interfaces from one server PC to another server PC. For this purpose RSW100 is controlled by both server PCs over serial interfaces (connectors “Control” for PC1 and PC2).

RSW100 allows to switch up to 5 serial interfaces (maximum 4-pin), 1 LAN interface (100BASE-T), and 1 USB interface (USB 2.0)

Multiple RSW100 can be cascaded by means of the extension connector (“Extension”). Over an alarm relay (changeover contact, connector “Alarm”), the RSW100 can report an error condition to a management system.

Redundancy Switch RSW100

Device Features

  • 5 serial interfaces, 4-pin connected
  • 1 LAN interface 100BASE-T
  • 1 USB interface USB 2.0
  • Relay output loading capability 0.5 A / 125 V (AC/DC)
  • Relay output rated insulation voltage 0.5 A / 125 V (AC/DC)
  • Control interfaces PC1 and PC2: RS485/RS232 switchable, parameter: 2400 Baud, 8E1
  • Extensibility (connector „Extension“): control of up to 3 RSW100 slaves
  • Voltage supply: 100 V – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 200 mA max.
  • Fuse: 1.6 A slow-blow
  • Power input: 12 VA
  • Construction type: 1U module rack complying with IEC 60297
  • Dimensions: 449 (W) x 44 (H) x 206 (D) mm (without panel mounts)


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