SIMATRIX 648 II Videomatrix-System


The SIMATRIX 648 II is a economically priced video matrix system with up to 64 video inputs and 8 outputs.The SIMATRIX 648 II is the successor of the well-tried SIMATRIX 648, additionally providing the following:

  • LAN connection: control, programming, and diagnosis via LAN, connection of LAN-based operating devices
  • RS485/RS422 outputs for direct PTZ control of dome cameras (2 of 7 available PTZ protocols can be used at the same time)
  • All 8 video outputs can be used for switching video signals to monitors, due to a dedicated signal loss axis.

With regard to functions and pin assignment, the SIMATRIX 648 II is hundred per cent downward compatible with the SIMATRIX 648 — to the point, that even the parameter file is fully compatible — and thus can serve as 1:1 substitute in existing systems.

SIMATRIX 648 II / FrontSIMATRIX 648 II / Rear

Video Matrix

  • Modular system in a 3U rack according to IEC 60297
  • 75 O BNC connectors
  • Minimum configuration: 16 inputs, 4 outputs
  • Maximum configuration: 64 inputs, 8 outputs
  • Video inputs expandable in increments of 16
  • Video outputs expandable in increments of 1


  • LAN connector for 100 Base-T network for
  • Connecting LAN-based operating devices
  • Status display via integrated web server
  • Programming
  • Control by a management system
  • Three serial interfaces (RS232) for connecting external systems, for programming via a PC, and for dialling substations
  • Connection of 2 operating devices (with extension module 4) with freely programmable keys, e.g. SUT50, SUT32, SUT2, CKAXX. Via LAN, up to 16 LAN operating devices can be connected.
  • Connection option for PTZ cameras (RS485/RS422) and domes with diverse protocols (expandable to 4 interfaces with 2 protocols)
  • Up to 8 serial CL/TTY interfaces for connecting PTZ cameras and domes with suitable interface
  • 16 protected alarm inputs (expandable up to 64 alarm inputs)
  • Operating devices with freely programmable keys
  • Basic program and 6 alarm programs pre-programmed on CD-ROM, for Windows 2000/XP/Vista, and Windows 7
  • 8 control outputs for control of VCRs and image storage
  • Master relay with 2 potential-free changeover contacts


  • Via simple graphic user interface and visualisation by SDC Videoserver
  • Via operating devices SUT50, SUT32, SUT2, CKAXX


  • (A) 648 Term 2 TTY (648 TERM2): interface card for connecting 2 additional operating devices (max. 4)
  • (B) 648 interface card Alarm16/SCU8 (648 A16/SCU): Alarm/SCU interface card with 8 serial TTY/CL (20mA) interfaces for connecting PTZ drive control units for pan/tilt/zoom cameras (max. 32 when fully equipped) and 16 alarm inputs (max. 64 when fully equipped)
  • (C) 648 interface card Alarm16/Dome (648II A16/DOME): interface card with 1 serial RS485 bus interface (RS422-Simplex) for connecting up to 16 dome cameras (32 at most) and 16 alarm inputs per card (max. 64 when fully equipped)
  • (D) 648II Video input card (648II VME16): expansion card for additional 16 video inputs with 75 O resistors (max. 64 when fully equipped)
  • (E) VKS OSD text module (VKS OSD-TEXT): Expansion module with text generator for one additional video output (max. 8 when fully equipped)

(A) 648 TERM2(B) 648 A16/SCU(C) 648II A16/DOME(D) 648II VME16(E) VKS OSD-TEXT


  • Time and weekday controlled alarm programs
  • VTR switching contacts for alarm recording
  • Freely programmable camera image sequence (can be programmed to start up when the system is switched on)
  • On-screen text and time insertion for each operation place freely editable
  • Camera text per camera (IBM character set, 12 lines at 24 characters each)
  • Group and alarm switching (max. 8 cameras)
  • Alarm positioning of PTZ cameras
  • Each operation place can be limited regarding switching inputs to outputs
  • Operating devices with freely programmable keys
  • Special functions can be realized by macros.
  • Parameter set can be stored as data file (library function)


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