SIMATRIX NEO II Videomatrix-System


The SIMATRIX NEO II is a powerful video matrix system. It is constructed as a 6U module rack complying with IEC 60297 containing both, the system controls and the switching matrix.

A maximum of 128 video input signals can be switched at will to a maximum of 32 video outputs. Using the SIMATRIX NEO EXT extension bay, 224 video input signals can be processed.

SIMATRIX NEO II/ front viewSIMATRIX NEO II/ rear view

Video Part

  • modular 19 inch system, 75 O BNC connectors
  • Base module rack: 6U complying with IEC 60297,
    Minimal confi guration 16/8 (inputs/outputs),
    Maximum confi guration 128/32
  • Maximum system capacity: 224/32, or 240/16 using the 6U SIMATRIX NEO EXT extension bay
  • Number of inputs extendible in steps of 16
  • Number of outputs extendible in steps of 8
  • Video signal status control is using its own test axis.


  • LAN connector for 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network. LAN operating devices, status display via integrated Web server, as well as programming and control via control system as e.g. SDC
  • Three serial interfaces (RS232) for the connection of external systems, for programming via a PC, and for dialling secondary control systems
  • Connection of up to 8 keyboards (16 with extension module) with freely programmable keys
  • 16 serial CL/TTY interfaces connecting telemetry devices (PTZ) for cameras with pan/tilt and lens controls or domes
  • 4 connection options for PTZ cameras and domes via RS422/RS485 interface with diverse protocols.
  • 32 protected alarm inputs
  • Operating devices with freely programmable key functions
  • CD-ROM with basic program and 6 alarm programs, complete with settings, for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7
  • 8 universal open-collector control outputs for controllingexternal devices
  • Relay with 2 voltage-free change-over contacts


  • (A) NEO VME-IM:
    extension module for adding 16 video inputs
  • (B) NEO VMA-OM:
    extension module for adding 8 video outputs
  • (C) NEO Term 8 TTY:
    extension module for adding 8 interfaces for operating devices
  • (D) NEO VMA-SOM:
    extension module for adding 8 video outputs to the extension
    bay (SIM NEO EXT)


Extension Bay (SIM NEO EXT)

The extension bay is required for systems using more than 128 video inputs.

The extension bay can be equipped with video inputs in steps of 16 to a maximum of 224 video inputs (when using 32 outputs), or to a maximum of 240 video inputs (when using 16 outputs).



The following functions of the SIMATRIX NEO II are programmable:

  • Time and weekday controlled alarm programs
  • On-screen text and time insertion for the user inputs
  • Camera labels (IBM character set, 12 lines of 24 characters each) per camera
  • Group switching (max. 8 cameras
  • Operating stations with switching allocation
  • Operating devices with freely programmable keys
  • Parameter set can be stored as a data fi le (library function)
  • Macro enabled: Macros can be executed using an operating device, time threshold, or alarm contact


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