SUT50 Operating Device


The SUT50 Operating Device is a keyboard with joystick and display. It can be used for controlling camera heads and domes as part of a video matrix or SDC system. The robust, powdercoated metal case with its simple but enduring design fits for both, harsh operating conditions and prestigous entrance halls.

SUT50 Operating DeviceSUT50 Operating Device / Rear

Device Features

41 robust full-travel keyswitches can be individually labeled with text plates and correspondingly programmed via video matrix system.

Programming of the operating device is performed by means of keys and joystick; the extensive configuration menu is shown on the display and complemented by acoustic feedback.

The robust joystick allows proportional control of camera PTZ via video matrix or SDC System.

The LCD display shows the user inputs and programming information.

Alarms from the video matrix system are signalized optically and acoustically by an indicator lamp and a buzzer.

The operating device comes with a serial interface (adjustable for TTY/CL, RS485, and RS232) and an Ethernet connector. SUT50 is suited for any SIMATRIX Video Matrix System, as well as for the VM1000, and the SDC Video Server. VM1000 and SDC Video Server allow connecting this operating device via LAN interface.

There are 3 options for the power supply of the SUT50:

  • Power over the LAN (PoE – „Power-over-Ethernet” according to IEEE 802.3af)
  • AC adaptor (included in delivery on request).
  • Powered from the SIMATRIX (up to a distance of about 50 m)


  • AC adapter for SUT50


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